frequently asked questions

If you have more specific questions, contact Dr. E!

Are there student discounts?

  • Yes! You can't rapidly gain experience but with mentorship you can learn clinical reasoning and learn from your mentor's mistakes - contact us above to inquire about student and group student discounts

Are there group discounts?

  • Yes! Inquire above for group discount pricing

What's Included in the $899 or 4 Payments of $249.99?

  • 3 months of the Slack mentoring group
    • the facebook group is where case discussions, research reviews, and live videos will be weekly
    • a mentor is available 1-2 times daily so ask away on the group!
    • after the initial 3 months of which you will also be learning one of the Eclectic Approach Seminars, the facebook group costs $49.99/month
  • Unlimited membership to MMT Premium AND MMT Resources
  • attendance at one live Eclectic Approach seminar, once per year, after 6 months of the facebook group are finished/paid for - including the first 3 months of included in the initial mentorship fees

What is the time commitment?

  • You spend 1 month with each mentor with their respective course, for a total of 3 months learning The Eclectic Approach
  • per week, expect 2-4 hours of watching modules, asking questions, reviewing, and mentorship
  • each live facebook presentation will last between 30-60 minutes, plus Q&A
  • each instructor will poll each group they are assigned for best times for live videos, but these will also be recorded and available for replay

What is needed to watch the modules and participate in the group?

  • the online modules/courses are in google classroom, you do not need a google account
  • google classroom is available as an app on android and iOS, but you can also use it in a browser on desktop/laptop
  • facebook accounts will be required for the facebook group and live videos

I already belong to MMT Premium, can I get a discount on the Mastery Group and seminars?

  • Yes! After purchasing the one time payment or signing up for the payment plan, please email us your receipts for MMT Premium, and you'll be refunded 100% of the amount
  • you'll also get unlimited lifetime membership to MMT Premium!

I've attended a live Eclectic Approach Seminar in the past, can I get a discount?

  • Yes! Sign Up then Email for details/refund