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The best clinicians use a combination of experience, expertise, and evidence. This is combined in The Eclectic Approach, founded by one of the top names in rehab today, Erson Religioso III. This isn't just some weekend seminar, it's custom tailored learning and mentorship with our one of a kind Online Learning and Mastery Slack Group.

  • The FULL online seminars of The Eclectic Approach to Modern Manual Therapy, Modern Strength Training (BFR), Modern Patient Education, and Modern Nutritional Rehab - new for 2020! - each worth $650 if taken live - save almost $2000 by taking it online, and WITH mentorship! - over 16 hours of online content and lectures

  • 4 months membership of our Exclusive Modern Rehab Mastery Slack Group, a community of like minded clinicians that will help you grow, enhance your clinical decision making, outcomes

  • Mentors include Drs. Erson Religioso, Kyle Coffey, Andrew Rothschild, and Sean Wells, the entire Eclectic Approach Team!

  • Online Journal Club through The Journal of Common Sense - learn and discuss on the group!

  • Weekly case review and mentoring sessions for a chosen case of the week

  • Integrated, evidenced based approach to assessment, treatment, patient education, and home program

  • Access to a technique and exercise library, patient handouts, patient sample interaction/education videos

  • PLUS bonuses....

  • Lifetime subscription to Modern Manual Therapy Insiders AND Modern Manual Therapy Resources - $999 worth of bonuses with your subscription!

Modern Manual Therapy, Modern Strength Training, & Modern Patient Education - 3 amazing free webinars to get your started on Modern Rehab Mastery!

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  • 4 months online mentorship

  • 4 full Eclectic Approach Seminars online save $2000 total

  • included lifetime subscription to MMT Premium and MMT Resources - save over $300

  • small cohort of 10 - one month with each mentor!

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What do others say about Modern Rehab Mastery?

Sarah Klein, DPT - on mentoring online with Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT

Evolve Physical Therapy

"You know Dr. E, when I started my first job as a therapist, I took whatever job I could get for the rate I wanted. And despite all of my valuable knowledge, It was impressed upon me that massage increased patient compliance and was a must. My second job stressed the same value. And all of a sudden I allowed the quality of my massage to be the measure of my quality as a therapist. By massaging literally everyone I treated, I learned about different tissue quality and I became quite good but I also learned how to fall asleep on the couch every night as a newly wed.

I quit my job and searched for a place where I could forge my own path and began to revisit the foundations and try to figure out more efficient ways of treating. Then I interviewed with a mentee of yours, and while I didn’t get the job, I heard about you. And here I am, two years later, starting to get people better with a lot less work. I can’t tell you how much your courses mean to me.

I am slowly bringing your teaching into my clinic to impact my colleagues and my patients to better help people with real sustainable manual approaches with an education emphasis encouraging patient independence and accountability. For female therapists, I think that your courses are even more important. I’ve hear many bosses throw out judgements based on a woman’s “might” and or “size” and “strength.” The basis of your Eclectic Approach is that we can actually create manual techniques that work best for our self and the patient and don’t have to prescribe to any particular way! As long as it works and we help and guide the patient to where they want to be."

Joshua McFarren ​ PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT - learning from Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT

Chicago Manual Therapy

"So far my last 5 treatments since finishing the mentorship have been extremely effective . I have modified my strokes, changed techniques and assessments to be more effective, and recognized Clinical Practice Patterns. No kidding after just learning from your series every treatment feels a bit more effective."

Dr. Ofir Isaac- on mentoring under Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT

All Care Physical Therapy

“I was privileged to have met Erson Religioso on a skype telehealth call sometime around 2014. Erson graciously agreed to treat one of my most complex lumbar spine cases, and was successful in abolishing his pain in minutes when I had failed to help him over four weeks time. I was even luckier when, Erson offered his time to mentor me through the next 2 years as he assisted me in clinically reasoning through very difficult cases, proving to me that with his eclectic approach, most cases could rapidly respond in only 1 -2 Skype sessions. Mentoring and Modern Manual Therapy Premium is truly the source of wisdom for best practices in clinical reasoning, and a collection of timeless principles that Erson taught me over the years. I cannot recommend this resource enough to any aspiring manual therapist or manual therapy veteran. The blogs and videos alone are probably worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, and will cut years off of your OMPT training and personal development."